June 17, 2024

5 Things To Do For Mom On Mother’s Day

woman_sleepingToday is Mother’s Day. The day in which we celebrate the woman who has scarified everything so we can live a healthy and fulfilling life. Where would we be without Mom? As a child she was always there whether it be putting a bandage on our knee or baking the birthday cake. Even as adults we rely on Mom in times of trouble. She always has good, sound advice. We try to live our lives as she has taught us – be kind, be smart and look sharp.
So now once again May comes up on the calendar and we do our best by taking her to brunch at a nice restaurant and flowers. Don’t forget the flowers. She’ll say she doesn’t want them but deep down she does. But what else can you do? Step away from the usual and surprise mom this Sunday (hint: this works great on your wife and mother-in-law, too!).

  1. Photo of the kids already framed. She can hang it anywhere she wants or even place it on her desk at work. Always a reminder that she is appreciated and loved.
  2. Cook her favorite meal. She may be expecting this one, but you can add in her favorite candy, desert or drink.
  3. A gift card to the spa or pedi. I know that this is what my wife wants and she’ll get out of the house and relax while someone pampers her.
  4. Nothing planned or perhaps something planned. Some Moms will like to get away from all the household chores and go somewhere special with the family, like the local park or zoo. Or she may just want to take a nap in the hammock with a cold drink and a cool breeze.
  5. A clean car. This is a no brainer as it probably needs a good vacuuming and wash anyway. But just don’t take it to the local car wash and pay to have it done. Get your hands dirty and clean it yourself. It’ll save you money and you’ll do a better and more thorough job.

But what she really wants, I mean really, really wants is to SLEEP IN!
No kids, no husband.
Just peace and quiet.
Let her wake up when she wants to and don’t bother her with breakfast in bed.
If you do that, then you should be golden.
Happy Mother’s Day!
…and don’t forget the flowers!

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