June 17, 2024
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Should I Work in Marketing?

Upon entering college, I honestly went at it half assed initially. After some time has passed, and I look back, I realize that it was because I changed my major so many times.

First, I was going into Law, then Business Law, then Music, Music Education and finally, after a marathon at an accredited community college, the decision to stick with something in advertising or marketing realm was going to best suite my skills, gifts, experience, and interests. But hey, life is all about the zigzags, right? Besides, who needs a straight path when you can collect a bunch of funky experiences along the way?

The potential of the marketing industry to adapt itself to the changes in the society at any given time, and then to have the ability to change society itself (for the greater good), are a few things that initially excited me about pursuing this major. It also enables you to directly impact the way people live, dress, communicate, dine, travel, drive, consume, etc. You name it – we market it.

Finally decided on a degree in Communications with a focus on Public Relations and, I went a little further, to also earn a minor in Sociology. Stuck it out at the community college, earned a Liberal Arts degree and transferred to earn my Bachelor’s at The University of Michigan. Not too shabby.

What do you love about marketing communications?

Below are a few reasons why I love working in the marketing communications industry:

  • The satisfaction of intelligent conversations and communicating clearly
  • Marketing is about relationships, essentially, we get to make new friends on a regular basis. Plus, we all know each other and that’s really cool.
  • It’s varied, the industry changes as society does. And with the inception of the internet and digital, the marketing industry has had to adapt and keep up with the changes in technology changes.
  • Marketing is creative, if you have wondered what happened to the art community, well, we all work in advertising. It’s a way of not having to be a “starving artist”.
  • Meaningful connections are built consistently with all the teams, projects and diverse talents we get to work with frequently.
  • Marketing is adaptable, we adapt to the times, we have to as new products and services hit the market constantly. In fact, according to research done by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Nearly 30,000 new products are introduced each year, and 95% of them fail according to Clayton Christensen, a professor at Harvard Business School. And no business is immune to this harrowing statistic, which includes misfires from companies like Google, Coca-Cola, and Colgate. The tech giant’s Google Glass project received millions in investment but quickly disappeared from view”.
  • There are new tools all the time, again as the market changes, our tools and tactics must change
  • Marketing impacts the whole business, when people say they cannot afford to market themselves, I worry for their sustainability. Remember the old saying, “If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail” by Benjamin Franklin? Well, I apply priceless knowledge to marketing and suggest that “If you fail to market; you’ll fail”. So far seems to be true, unfortunately. It’s what I have witnessed when people refuse to promote their business.

Additionally, it’s not just a department but an integral part of any organization. It plays a crucial role in shaping a company’s brand identity, attracting customers, and driving sales. Without effective marketing, a business may struggle to succeed, regardless of the quality of its products or services. This provides marketing professionals with a sense of purpose and the opportunity to make a tangible impact on the overall success of a company.

Moreover, marketing is not just about promoting products and services; like I said, it’s about building relationships. Collaboration is THE key component of marketing, as we work with various teams, clients, and stakeholders to achieve a common goal.

The ability to communicate effectively, both internally and externally, is crucial in this field. Building meaningful connections and fostering strong relationships is not only rewarding but also essential for long-term success. At my stage in my career, I’m looking for long term.

Reasons why online marketing is a great retirement job

Since the industry went digital and online, the flexibility to work wherever, whenever and for many more years, opened immensely. If you work in an office, you are usually tied to office hours.

More and more we see people working well into their late 60’s, a time previously reserved for retirement. The potential to continue working on a project-based contingency into my 70’s is a reality and a bonus in my mind. And at almost 51, I can see how that estimate could be spot on because I‘m still having fun!

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, new tools and techniques are constantly emerging in the marketing industry. From social media management platforms to data analytics tools, these advancements make our work more efficient and effective. By staying up-to-date with these tools and learning how to leverage them, marketing professionals can enhance their skillset and remain competitive in the ever-changing job market.

Marketing allows for continuous growth and learning – the dynamic nature of the industry means that there is always something new to learn, whether it’s mastering a new marketing strategy, understanding consumer behavior, or keeping up with the latest industry trends. This constant learning keeps the work engaging and exciting, as there is always room for personal and professional development.

Working in marketing can be an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding career choice. Not only does it allow for constant growth and adaptability, but it also offers the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on society and connect with a diverse range of individuals.

Should I work in marketing?

In conclusion, marketing is a fulfilling and versatile career choice that offers numerous benefits. From the creative freedom to make meaningful connections, to the adaptability and flexibility in the digital age, marketing professionals have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on society and enjoy continued growth throughout their careers. Whether you are just starting out or looking for a rewarding retirement job, marketing holds a wealth of opportunities.

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