July 25, 2024

Photo Anodizing Adds Extra Life To Nameplates

metalphoto1Most every industrial company has an assortment of important signage. It must be clearly readable to the employee or anyone to whom it may concern. That means it also must be durable and long-lasting. From the Enterprise company to small and medium manufactures, Photo Anodizing name plates is the way to go over cheaper and less durable plastic. These special photosensitive anodized aluminum name plates can be used as schematics and barcodes and are the most durable name plate on the market.

Photo Anodizing is a way to develop graphics or text into a crisp, clear black and silver image. Even photographs, logos and QR codes can be added with ease. The aluminum plate is sealed and thus protects the image beneath the anodic layer. This type of nameplate can be used in harsh industrial environments and due to its durability makes it ideal for extreme outdoor weather. The plate will not crack or be harmed due to sunlight, cold or wind. Life expectancy is at least 20 years.

The National Association of Graphic and Product Identification Manufacturers (GPI) states that photo anodizing and metal photo are the most durable aluminum substrate. The US Military uses these types of data plates it their fighter jets including the F22, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and F-18 Super Hornet and NASA even uses photo anodized name plates on the International Space Station. Color can be added and it then can be used as an ascetically pleasing name plate in such places like a world renewed garden, museum or university.

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