June 17, 2024

What Should I Look for in a Commercial Printing Company?

Does your business or organization currently require extensive printing needs? If so, the best way for your business to complete all your bulk printing projects without sacrificing good quality, plus save money, is through a commercial printing company.

In this article, we’ll talk about what commercial printing companies are, what benefits they can give to your business or organization, and what you should look for in a commercial printing company.

It is very important if you are in graphic design, web development, or work in an online format to know how the colors will appear in print versus on-screen, as they do differ. A professional printing company will be able to be a partner for your printing needs and walk you through the necessary steps to ensure color accuracy across all platforms.

What is a Commercial Printing Company?

Commercial printing companies are an essential service specializing in completing bulk printing jobs for many businesses and organizations. They offer a wide range of services and products, including flyers, business cards, newsletters, envelopes, promotional items, brochures, and many more. A commercial printing company is the best option for all your business’ printing needs — just sit back and leave the task to the experts.

How Can Commercial Printing Companies Benefit Businesses?

Commercial printing companies can benefit businesses in many ways.

First of all, they help decrease printing costs. Since commercial printing companies already have the proper and necessary tools and equipment for the job, they can complete businesses’ printing projects for a lesser amount of money than if businesses had done it by themselves. When businesses hand their printing projects over to commercial printing companies, they can save more money, plus, with their printing jobs out of the way, they can focus on other important stuff for their business.

Commercial printing companies can also handle complex printing jobs that need professionals to ensure the job is done best. Trust the experts in the field to bring your ideas to life rather than trying to figure it out all by yourself. When you let a commercial printing company handle your printing requirements, you can be assured that the overall quality of the final product is excellent through critical examination.

Types of Commercial Printing

There are many types of printing that work well with commercial printing. Here are the 6 most common types.

1. Offset Lithography

The first type of printing is called “Offset Lithography.” This is one of the most common types being used in almost all bulk printing projects by businesses all over the world. The offset lithography type of printing usually produces high-quality products — with more vibrant colors and clearer images. Prints and images are made through a thin metal plate, which are moved onto rollers that will print the media.

2. Digital Printing

The second type of printing is “Digital Printing.” Like offset lithography, this type is also one of the most common types of commercial printing. The benefits of digital printing include good quality prints with full color, quicker printing time than other types of commercial printing, and lower costs.

Digital printing can be used for a large number of printing projects, such as stickers, posters, invitations, catalogs, etc. When it comes to digital printing, the image file is directly sent to the printer where it’s printed in full color and high quality. This type of commercial printing is a lot more efficient compared to offset lithography since it doesn’t require any metal plates and the setup is way faster.

3. Large Format Printing

The third type of commercial printing is known as large format printing. Basically, large format printing is the printing of large designs or graphics onto large pieces of paper or other materials. Large format printing uses special tools and equipment capable of producing large prints for businesses and/or organizations.

Signage, banners, and posters are all examples of large format printing. The printing process is quite similar to digital printing, which makes it appealing for printing full-color products.

4. LED UV Printing

The fourth type of commercial printing is the LED UV printing type. The prints produced by LED UV are the most high-quality prints possible. Some examples of items that are best delivered by LED UV printing are catalogs, posters, and magazines.

The LED UV commercial printing type uses a special drying technique called UV curing, and it also doesn’t require the use of anti-set-off spray powder. One big advantage is that UV curing only takes a couple of seconds to dry off, unlike inks or coating that take about 24 hours or longer to fully cure and dry.

5. Flexography Printing

The fifth and last type of commercial printing is called flexography or flexographic printing. This type of commercial printing is usually used by businesses who are looking to print a multitude of labels or for printing a large number of packaging for their mass-produced items.

Flexographic printing presses allow for printing on a good amount of different types of printing materials. A few examples of these materials are films, paperboards, cardboards, foils, and some types of paper. These machines can also print on metallic surfaces, non-woven fabrics, and plastic bags.

Some benefits that businesses can acquire in the usage of flexography are cost efficiency, high-speed production, versatility, and suitability when it comes to printing labels for mass-produced items (as mentioned earlier).

What to Look for in a Commercial Printing Company

After our discussion on the definition of commercial printing companies, the benefits they can give to businesses, and some of its many different types, now, we’ll finally talk about the top things to look for in a commercial printing company.

1. Consider the cost and ask for a cost breakdown

Even though you may be looking for a company requesting low payments to satisfy your business’ budget, cheap prices don’t always make a better commercial printing company. Instead, look for a cost-effective company that doesn’t sacrifice good quality for a lower price, or think of it as getting high-quality services for an affordable price.

It’s also better to ask the commercial printing company you’re considering for their cost breakdown. This way, you can analyze their prices based on value, and the value you’re getting.

2. Good track record

The right commercial printing company should be honest and reliable. Check their online presence, such as their websites and social media accounts. Ask some of their past customers about their experience working with that company. Judge both the positive and negative reviews, get informed about the company’s turnaround time and pricing, and examine their profile or portfolio.

3. Excellent customer service

Make sure you choose a professional printing company, since these are most likely genuine and polite. They’ll give you a good experience throughout your working time together. When you communicate with the company, their representative should be serious and well mannered. When you find a commercial printing company with these aspects, you’re heading in the right direction.

4. Offers a full variety of services

Try not to settle on a commercial printing company offering only a small assortment of printing services. Look for a company that offers a large variety of printing services to fulfill your printing needs because when your printing projects get complex, they might just have the perfect printing service for that.

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